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Ecler’s Warm rotary mixer fattens up with two extra channels

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Ecler Warm 4

The world of budget rotary mixers rejoices to the announcement of Ecler releasing a four channel version of their Warm 2 obviously to be named the Warm 4. This is welcome news to the community and signifies the success of the Spanish companies foray into rotary mixers.

I just wanna see more now! Bring us a Warm 3 a Warm 4, bring us a whole line!

Mojaxx, DJ CITY

Our friend Mojaxx was impressed on the whole with the Ecler Warm 2 and would like to see more rotaries from the Spanish brand.

My personal concerns are what many also share are the plastic slightly flexible pots for the EQ but the saving grace is the fact that the channel volume pots and isolator are all metal construction and to be fair they are the ones that will received the heaviest and more meaningful use so it shouldn’t be an issue. I also dislike these particular wooden sides as they look a little cheap but fairly easily remedied.

I personally would change the potentiometer caps (what I call touchpoints) and the side cheeks but apart from that I think it looks pretty slick and has a very well balanced feature set and layout so bring on the Warm 4 and I think you are onto a fairly low budget winner.

One example of this is Ebony Reprinted, a series of monoprints that present “the healing possibilities of abstraction.” To make the works, Dana used images that circulated in printed adverts and distorted them using paint to “remove traces of exploitative, white-dominated, capitalist, visual language and allow the individuals in these images to regain their agency.” She does this by smearing, pressing and adding texture to paint and, as the individuals and their faces becomes more abstract, the notion is that they also become “exponentially more present.”

As well as Beirut Re-Store’s marketplace, towards the end of October the platform will launch a “special collection of bespoke items” made in collaboration with non-profit organisation Creatives For Lebanon. This collection is already confirmed to feature contributions from Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and Supriya Lee.

With a background in both graphic design and art, Dana Robinson’s practice sits at a fascinating intersection. She understands the power of combining imagery and text and the cultural and social connotations that come along with doing so, but she also embodies a freedom of expression often lacking in graphic design, meaning Dana’s portfolio errs towards abstraction and conceptual investigations. The onus of these investigations is on youth, Black female identity, ownership and nostalgia, topics she explores by combining, reproducing and deconstructing vintage materials, found objects and paint.

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